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Are We There Yet? - 2nd Peter 3:8-10

At the end of October, Anita, Joshua, and I, took a road trip to Atlanta Georgia as Anita and I celebrated our twentieth anniversary. I don't think we had made it to Greensboro before Joshua started his version of "are we there yet" by asking “are we were in Atlanta?”  Joshua, of course, had no concept of the time when I told him that we were five hours away, because less than a half hour later he asked, “Are we in Atlanta, now?”  I quickly recalculated how to communicate the time to Joshua in terms that he would understand.  I said, “Joshua, do you know how long your Jake show is?” (Each episode with commercials is about 15 minutes long.) “Yes,” he replied. “Well, we are 20 Jakes away from our hotel. Okay?” “Okay.” That seemed to work because the next time he asked, “How many Jakes now, Anpa?” “Twelve.” Of course, hitting Atlanta, as we did, in the midst of the five o’clock traffic, that last Jake was the longest fifteen minutes on record—running between 45 minutes to an hour…