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It’s About Jesus 1st Corinthians 1:10-17

About a month ago, I taught y’all the answer to any question you are ever asked—a lesson I learned afterwards, Davey made popular in his Sunday School Class.  If you ever don’t know the answer to a question, remember that you really do.  The answer to any question is always, _______.  Yes, the answer to any question, as far as we are concerned, is Jesus.  Why?  Because for those of us in the church, it is supposed to always be about Jesus.
The trouble is, though, my brothers and sisters, that we often forget that.
Sometimes we try to make it about us.  We want things done our way.  If they are not done our way, we either get angry and complain, argue, or even fight about it, or we decided to hitch up our little red wagon, gather up all our toys, and head home.  Maybe it is not about having things done our way.  Maybe the “me” side of things is based on the fact that we want recognition.  We want a pat on the back.  We want a certificate or an award.  Maybe we just want power.  We wan…

Worthy One - Galatians 4:1-6

Many of you know and remember that I tried my hand at head coaching almost a year ago, taking on Joshua’s flag football team, with the help of Joel Harvey and Charles Roach.    I was not great at it by any means.  I had never served as a head coach of any sport…and I had never played football, tackle, flag, or any kind.  I was one of those that could say, “I’ve never coached or played football in my life, but I’ve watched both on tv.”  (Before anyone says anything, yes, I know it is baseball season, but all I have ever done regarding baseball is serve as the assistant coach of a softball team whose only job was to keep the batters in order in the dugout.) My inexperience may have kept us from experiencing what it feels like to be a winning team (because we didn’t win a game all season), but there’s a couple of things that it didn’t keep me from experiencing…things that I know have to frustrate every coach.  It’s hard to say it is a frustration during the season, because you are depende…